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Have the Guts

to do it Right

Raising Grateful and Responsible Children in an Era of Indulgence

A book on parenting by
Sheri Moskowitz Noga, M.A.

“The perfect application of the academic research into the realm of parenting…I love it!”

Dr.Jean Twenge, author of “The Narcissism Epidemic” & “Generation Me”

“A wonderful & courageous job of helping parents understand. Great stuff…long overdue.”

Rick Panciolli, MA Family Therapist

“This clear, well-written guide to childrearing is a real gem. A refreshing, clear-headed non-judgmental approach to navigating the maze of modern day parenting.”

Pamela Clapp-Green, MA, LLP

“A wonderful book for both therapists & parents… Vivid observations that speak to the author’s keen observational skills…A difficult book to put down.”

Dr. Adam Plotnik, Child Psychologist